Well it’s the last Friday before the holidays; we should all be absolutely experiencing that “#Forever Friday” feeling! We have been letting everyone know about our current holiday sale of 55% off every item on our site plus free shipping (gold jewelry and loose diamonds excluded).

Deal Catch Chest

However, we also want to remind everyone that even after the holidays we will still be having amazing daily & weekly sales on items you help select, so remember to nominate your favorite items, here on our blog that you want to see in one of our daily or weekly specials listed below. Go browse to start making your after the holidays wish list! And while you are at it, at these incredible prices why not treat yourself to a little reward for all the good things you did in 2014.

  • Our Forever Friday “Catch” (FFC) which is always new every Friday, are items randomly nominated by you at an unbelievable mark down of at least 50% off, or over, MSRP. Rain check reorders if this item is sold out, are also available –albeit with a few necessary restricted conditions.
  • Our Forever “Daily Deal” (FDD) is always at 40% to 48% off MSRP and can be purchased everyday of the week. Rain check re-order is also available although you will have a wait until they are made – now try getting that offer from an overstock or liquidation seller…they simply can’t do it.
  • Our Forever “Treasure Chest” (FTC) is always at 60%+ off MSRP for one-of-a-kind jewelry, but at that discounted price, it is first come, first served without any rain check, so you must hurry.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and ideas. In the spirit of “Passing it On” we also ask you to share the site and your comments with your friends so they can be part of our cyber local community. We urge you to stay in touch because we are only getting started with our grass roots social media, giving you more and more opportunities not only to save on the most beautiful jewelry but pick which ones you want to see on sale, STAY POSTED & PASS IT FORWARD!

P.S. The 55% + free shipping on the entire site (excludes gold jewelry & loose diamonds) is going on now until the end of the year!  Shop here.


55% off of Our Regular Items Plus Free Shipping: Rain Checks Available!

What could possibly add to the fabulous TGIF feeling? How about 55% off the price of our regular jewelry inventory with free shipping and even rain checks – all through the Holiday? Pass that Forever Friday feeling forward, at these prices you can buy exquisite jewelry for someone you love, but also to love yourself!

bike couple 12-15-14 post

To help you celebrate the season, we’re putting our entire inventory (excluding gold jewelry and loose diamonds) on sale for 55% off our already extremely affordable prices plus free shipping. This way you can grant, or gift, your biggest jewelry wishes without breaking the bank. This is our Holiday gift to you – so please don’t mistake this generous offer as our way of closing out unsellable items or offloading low quality ones. We guarantee that each item is only the best quality we have been selling for over 20 years.

From that 20 years of experience we have come to know what makes for stunning high-quality pieces, which we want to pass forward to you, our valued customers, so you can in turn do the same to those you love and keep coming back to our new site for more. This way, together, we can build and share our own community and emphasize our “pass it forward” philosophy.

Now you may be wondering how we can possibly do such a thing and have any money for our own holiday gifts, so we want to emphasize that by being in business for so long, we have direct connections to our manufacturers and have the same goal in mind, passing it forward. This is why we can have rain checks and re-orders. Our regular inventory items are being reduced as an integral part of our introductory strategy to launch our Forever Friday and websites, to help each other and emphasize our “pass it forward” philosophy rather than let the national chains dominate.

What would be the ideal way for you to “pass it forward” to those you care about? Let us know!

Be in the Zone and Celebrate Every TGI Always Friday with us

Ummm… why are you still here and not shopping and saving yet??


Catch of the year

You read that right folks! Every. Single. Item. (Excludes gold jewelry and loose diamonds) 55% 0ff until the end of the year plus FREE SHIPPING! It’s our “Catch of the Year” helping to spread Holiday Cheer!

Who doesn’t need a little extra holiday cheer? Especially when that cheer means saving major money while at the same time creating happy memories for your loved ones. No matter if you are the giver or the receiver of our superb finely crafted jewelry, everyone gets a gift with our entire inventory on sale. Get 55% off just in time for the Holidays and don’t forget to include yourself; with these savings you can double your purchases and we know you’re on the good list!!

Visit to shop now or call 1-855-919-9888.

Thank Goodness it’s Always Friday!: Be in the Zone and Celebrate Every TGIA Friday With Us

*Excludes gold jewelry and loose diamonds



“Forever Friday” is a weekly Friend 2 Friend (F2F) celebration of our friends and community featuring Friday – “Catch of the Week” and “Bargain Deals of the DAY” with F2F – Friday2Friday’s delivery – purchase on Friday, guaranteed delivery by the following Friday.

Forever Friday (F2F) Catch of the Week deals are all about giving back as much as we can to you and your local community. Hence the name: “Thank God it’s Friday Random Acts of Community Celebration,” an F2F Special where any regular product in the La Bell Jewelry Product Portfolios on – already at 25% to 30% off MSRP – can become part of the weekly “Frenzy Friday”!

F2F also means Forward2Friends: nominate your preferred products and then tell your friends. This will improve the chance of your suggestions becoming the Catch of the Week and at the same time we can also better plan for the jewelry you like best. Truly F2F has many meanings – all in all, whether you spell it backwards or forwards, F2F is designed “For you First.”

To highlight the fact that our everyday value La Bell F2F products are chosen by Random Acts of Selection and are not overstock or special purchases, as we mentioned Friday, YOU can nominate which items from our regular La Bell value portfolios you think should be included and write about the reasons why they are so appealing to you right here, and of course if you wanted to pin them, tweet them or share them on Facebook too, that’s okay too. We try hard to honor the requested items and feature them at an upcoming F2F Catch, and although we cannot guarantee when it will happen, it will happen, so please stay in touch with us and check back every Friday. The in-house F2F Deal of the week is 40% to 48% off MSRP, and your popular nominated F2F “Catch of the Week” is 50%-60% off or in other words you will save more money than you pay for it!

All items to be featured on “Thank God it’s Friday Random Acts of Community Celebration” will be open for preview the day before – Thursday, so actually check back here every Thursday too.

The promotion special will start at 12:01 am PST Friday, and continue until stocks run out, but no later than midnight Sunday PST.

Just like your Local Community independent jeweler, we will offer as much information as you want, as well as answering any questions you might have on the Blog so you will feel that we are one big mutually supportive La Bell O2O Zone Community. So what are you waiting for?? Click here to find your dream items to be featured at your dream price already!   Questions, comments? All are welcome.


What will this week's deals bring?
What will this week’s deals bring?

So you think you missed out on the deal of the century because you missed Black Friday? Think again. Excitement abounds on Black Friday so why not have Every Friday be Black Friday? Gain access to some of the most amazing deals you’ll ever find on spectacular jewelry by signing up to follow this blog.

Each Friday look for Forever Friday special promotions: the “F2F Big Deal” at 40% – 48% off MSRP; the “F2F Bargain Catch” with rain check privileges at 50% – 60% off MSRP.

Oh, and in case you think you may have read something wrong, it does indeed say “rain check privileges” for the items at 50% – 60% off! That’s right, unlike other sites that have a deal until it’s gone, if we run out of your nominated catch deal, you can still request the item be ordered for you. Shipping is FREE and that reigns true for all of our items. Every item comes with FREE shipping, no minimum and no hassles!!

Okay so now that you know you’ll be shopping our amazing deals on every Friday, what about the rest of the week? Well that’s when you will be picking which item from our entire inventory YOU want to see as the Catch of the Day! That’s right, every Monday – Wednesday you can nominate what you would like to see at a price you know you can afford. Each week we will have open nominations for items to put on special. At the end of the week, we will count up which items have the most nominations and then, bam, it’s on sale! Be sure to tell your friends to visit and follow our blog to nominate the items you want to see on sale too so you can be sure that item has the best chance of being added that Friday.

However, if for some reason your friends don’t want to help you out (um, rude!), post on this blog your reasons for the nomination and you will be guaranteed to receive your nominated Catch at the heavily discounted price if it is accepted to be included as a ‘Rainy Day Catch’. If the item is accepted but not included in the “Catch” within a 48-day time frame, you will be eligible to receive a one-time ‘Rain Check’ to receive the Catch price regardless.

Uh-oh, your choice was selected and you completely lost track of time, now it’s Saturday and you missed your deal! Relax, we’ve got you covered with our Rainy Day Catch. If the item was listed within the 48-day time frame and you missed it, you are eligible to claim this ‘Rainy Day Catch’ with the same reduced Catch pricing, just make sure you save item under your ‘favorite’ to support claim. Plus to reward one of your friends, you can offer them a Friend to Friend referral and that friend will have the opportunity to comment on this blog why they would like to receive the same item at that significant discount and we will gladly oblige. You’re such a good friend!
Be sure to follow us now so you don’t miss out on any of our fantastic deals and browse to start making your nomination wish list now! More of a live human being person? No sweat, feel free to call our superb customer service team at 1-855-919-9888 or email us at

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