What will this week's deals bring?
What will this week’s deals bring?

So you think you missed out on the deal of the century because you missed Black Friday? Think again. Excitement abounds on Black Friday so why not have Every Friday be Black Friday? Gain access to some of the most amazing deals you’ll ever find on spectacular jewelry by signing up to follow this blog.

Each Friday look for Forever Friday special promotions: the “F2F Big Deal” at 40% – 48% off MSRP; the “F2F Bargain Catch” with rain check privileges at 50% – 60% off MSRP.

Oh, and in case you think you may have read something wrong, it does indeed say “rain check privileges” for the items at 50% – 60% off! That’s right, unlike other sites that have a deal until it’s gone, if we run out of your nominated catch deal, you can still request the item be ordered for you. Shipping is FREE and that reigns true for all of our items. Every item comes with FREE shipping, no minimum and no hassles!!

Okay so now that you know you’ll be shopping our amazing deals on every Friday, what about the rest of the week? Well that’s when you will be picking which item from our entire inventory YOU want to see as the Catch of the Day! That’s right, every Monday – Wednesday you can nominate what you would like to see at a price you know you can afford. Each week we will have open nominations for items to put on special. At the end of the week, we will count up which items have the most nominations and then, bam, it’s on sale! Be sure to tell your friends to visit and follow our blog to nominate the items you want to see on sale too so you can be sure that item has the best chance of being added that Friday.

However, if for some reason your friends don’t want to help you out (um, rude!), post on this blog your reasons for the nomination and you will be guaranteed to receive your nominated Catch at the heavily discounted price if it is accepted to be included as a ‘Rainy Day Catch’. If the item is accepted but not included in the “Catch” within a 48-day time frame, you will be eligible to receive a one-time ‘Rain Check’ to receive the Catch price regardless.

Uh-oh, your choice was selected and you completely lost track of time, now it’s Saturday and you missed your deal! Relax, we’ve got you covered with our Rainy Day Catch. If the item was listed within the 48-day time frame and you missed it, you are eligible to claim this ‘Rainy Day Catch’ with the same reduced Catch pricing, just make sure you save item under your ‘favorite’ to support claim. Plus to reward one of your friends, you can offer them a Friend to Friend referral and that friend will have the opportunity to comment on this blog why they would like to receive the same item at that significant discount and we will gladly oblige. You’re such a good friend!
Be sure to follow us now so you don’t miss out on any of our fantastic deals and browse to start making your nomination wish list now! More of a live human being person? No sweat, feel free to call our superb customer service team at 1-855-919-9888 or email us at

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