55% off of Our Regular Items Plus Free Shipping: Rain Checks Available!

What could possibly add to the fabulous TGIF feeling? How about 55% off the price of our regular jewelry inventory with free shipping and even rain checks – all through the Holiday? Pass that Forever Friday feeling forward, at these prices you can buy exquisite jewelry for someone you love, but also to love yourself!

bike couple 12-15-14 post

To help you celebrate the season, we’re putting our entire www.jewelryo2o.com inventory (excluding gold jewelry and loose diamonds) on sale for 55% off our already extremely affordable prices plus free shipping. This way you can grant, or gift, your biggest jewelry wishes without breaking the bank. This is our Holiday gift to you – so please don’t mistake this generous offer as our way of closing out unsellable items or offloading low quality ones. We guarantee that each item is only the best quality we have been selling for over 20 years.

From that 20 years of experience we have come to know what makes for stunning high-quality pieces, which we want to pass forward to you, our valued customers, so you can in turn do the same to those you love and keep coming back to our new site for more. This way, together, we can build and share our own community and emphasize our “pass it forward” philosophy.

Now you may be wondering how we can possibly do such a thing and have any money for our own holiday gifts, so we want to emphasize that by being in business for so long, we have direct connections to our manufacturers and have the same goal in mind, passing it forward. This is why we can have rain checks and re-orders. Our regular inventory items are being reduced as an integral part of our introductory strategy to launch our Forever Friday f2f.zone and www.jewelryo2o.com websites, to help each other and emphasize our “pass it forward” philosophy rather than let the national chains dominate.

What would be the ideal way for you to “pass it forward” to those you care about? Let us know!

Be in the Zone and Celebrate Every TGI Always Friday with us

Ummm… why are you still here and not shopping and saving yet??


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