Well it’s the last Friday before the holidays; we should all be absolutely experiencing that “#Forever Friday” feeling! We have been letting everyone know about our current holiday sale of 55% off every item on our site plus free shipping (gold jewelry and loose diamonds excluded).

Deal Catch Chest

However, we also want to remind everyone that even after the holidays we will still be having amazing daily & weekly sales on items you help select, so remember to nominate your favorite items, here on our blog that you want to see in one of our daily or weekly specials listed below. Go browse to start making your after the holidays wish list! And while you are at it, at these incredible prices why not treat yourself to a little reward for all the good things you did in 2014.

  • Our Forever Friday “Catch” (FFC) which is always new every Friday, are items randomly nominated by you at an unbelievable mark down of at least 50% off, or over, MSRP. Rain check reorders if this item is sold out, are also available –albeit with a few necessary restricted conditions.
  • Our Forever “Daily Deal” (FDD) is always at 40% to 48% off MSRP and can be purchased everyday of the week. Rain check re-order is also available although you will have a wait until they are made – now try getting that offer from an overstock or liquidation seller…they simply can’t do it.
  • Our Forever “Treasure Chest” (FTC) is always at 60%+ off MSRP for one-of-a-kind jewelry, but at that discounted price, it is first come, first served without any rain check, so you must hurry.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and ideas. In the spirit of “Passing it On” we also ask you to share the site and your comments with your friends so they can be part of our cyber local community. We urge you to stay in touch because we are only getting started with our grass roots social media, giving you more and more opportunities not only to save on the most beautiful jewelry but pick which ones you want to see on sale, STAY POSTED & PASS IT FORWARD!

P.S. The 55% + free shipping on the entire site (excludes gold jewelry & loose diamonds) is going on now until the end of the year!  Shop here.


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